Infinity Eclipse Figure Skating Blade


Move across the surface of the ice like never before. Superior edges for crisp footwork. Better rake engagement for sharper turns and take-offs. True edge consistency for precision landings. Flawless finishes for undisputable beauty. Designed and made by master craftsmen in North America, Eclipse Blades offer the excellence skaters and coaches seek. With strength, consistency and beauty in mind, each pair of Eclipse Blades provides a stellar skating experience. The 8 foot radius helps increase skater speed while straight cut aggressive rakes offer secure engagement. Radius, also called the Rocker, is a measure of the curvature of the blade from front to back. It is commonly measured in feet. If you drew a circle with an 8 foot radius and aligned a blade to the inside of that curve, the blade would match the curve. Radius determines the amount of blade that actually touches the ice. A radius of 8 feet is less curved, or flatter, than a radius of 7 feet. A radius of 8' will give you more speed. Eclipse Blades Skater Guarantee Eclipse Blades takes great pride in providing the most precisely engineered and produced ice skate blades available. If you are not 100% satisfied with any Eclipse Blade, simply return them to the place of purchase within 60 days with a proof of purchase for a full refund or exchange.


- Rocker: 8'
- Suggested R.O.H: 7/16"
- Sizes: 8" - 12"
- Style: Parallel

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